The Perfect Woman

There was a man who was looking for the perfect woman who would always be beautiful, always be happy to see him. not ask him for money, not demand to have a kid, and would not cheat. So he went to a dating service and bought forth his request. Soon a woman called and came to see him. She was happy to see him and stayed that way, was great in the sack, never asked for money, didn’t demand to have a kid, and didn’t cheat for an entire year. Then she started looking older, started being bummed out when he entered her presence, asked him to take her to the most expensive restaurants, and maxed out his credit cards, started talking about having a family, and gave other men the eye. So he called the dating service and said WTF? The man said. “She’s a machine rather than a human and it’s time to upgrade her. We’ll do it for twice as much as you paid us before and we require a check. Sorry about not telling you but no such woman exists.”


That’s like “working like clockwork”.

Love is fairy tale for little girls.


No such thing as “the perfect woman”. There are many beautiful women with a variety of personalities and traits.


were’s my sugar mama. I need good one.

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I don’t know about the perfect woman, but I saw the perfect man once. He was made of chocolate.



She’s at the end of the rainbow.

I think we all have flaws. Communication is the key. Passive aggressive behavior leads to misery. Be honest and also put yourself in the others shoes at times. It helps me understand his needs


I’ve met her a couple of times and no I’m not a creep or a bigamist or anything. I just believe you can find love in any number of different partners depending on time and circumstance.

I got married once. That relationship was great for a year and I would say I met the perfect woman. It was for me and we were compatable on a number of levels which is more important. Didn’t last and sometimes it doesn’t but that still doesn’t mean I won’t met another one in the future…

It’s all about perspective for me!


Gee. I guess no one can afford to be idealistic. I had stars in my eyes with my first girlfriend. Even she told me, “There’s no such thing as perfect.” She asked me to take the bad with the good, but it fell on deaf ears. I was blind and deaf. And then seven years ago, I met someone new. The situation was less than perfect again, and again I was asked to compromise. I failed the test. Don’t know what it’ll take to knock the idealism out of me, but I hope I learn my lesson.

Nice post.

Sorry I keep butting in to the guy thread… In my first serious relationship (We dated over two years, and I have a child by him.), I learned not to put anyone on a pedestal or you are setting yourself up for failure. I took that knowledge into my next relationship- with my now husband- and learned that if you can accept and love someone as they are, you see that they aren’t perfect but can be perfect for you. That’s what matters.


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