The perfect guide to making tofu taste delicious


[ runs screaming in the other direction ]


I’m making green curry tofu this week.
Hope it will be nice.

I’m not super keen on tofu but with the right spices it can be nice enough.

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I really like tofu. I like it in my pad thai.

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I’ve always been wary about using it.I can’t say that’s due to any past experience of having had tofu before. The nearest I can relate it to is my aversion to eating Chinese and Indian food until I was 13. That was despite having lived in Bangkok and San Francisco.I’d always have one of the few English meals that were available.

The first Indian dish I tried was prawn korma. That’s stayed my favourite,though I have tried other dishes(not the really hot curries!). The Korma’s I had in the1970s to early 1980s were much better than what you get nowadays.

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