The perfect drug

One medication? Clozaril for sure!

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risperdal consta in combination with clozapine for me… and also sertraline for the depression. That are my favourites cause they work for me.

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The perfect med is the one that works for you with minimal or no side effects. There is no one size fits all solution. For me, right now, it is Lurasidone and Clonazepam.

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I think schizophrenia does not manifest the exact same in every person therefore we each need different meds. Some need a med that lower serotonin, some need to raise, some need to lower dopamine in certain parts some need to raise it etc.

It’s like asking what are the perfect puzzle piece shapes🧩

It depends on what your particular puzzle needs.

Your doctor I guess is the puzzle master and can find the perfect pieces to solve your particular puzzle

Maybe it would help to delve into the cause of your particular case of schizophrenia

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I wish I would like Abilify, it is good in some aspects but the side effects are boredom for me.

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There’s no perfect drug, we’re all different. But for me these work excellent

AP - amisulpride
Anxiety/depression - citalopram
mood stabilizer - lamotrigine

I’m currently on all three plus quetiapine which my pdoc put me on recently. Unfortunately she wants to take me off amisulpride even though it works well, because of high prolactin

I haven’t heard that song in probably over 3 decades, brings back memories of when I was a kid in the 80’s.

Great tune!

Ha ha they gave me barbiturates once I felt like a 1940s movie star :star: at least I think they were barbiturates maybe they weren’t