The Pause Before the Fight

(It was 2030 and smoking of tobacco and vaping was prohibited in the US. The laws were well meaning but had an effect the ones who made the law were not expecting. Many good men became law breakers, there were gangs selling tobacco, and the mafia was a part of the action. In this scene the G-men and the police have surrounded the notorious Vapor Gang.)
(In the Vapor Gang hideout)
Leader: Gentlemen I am your new leader. I am a winner of the Congressional medal, a veteran of the War on Terror, a sharpshooter, and the former biggest contributor to the Fraternal Order of Police. I was a big supporter of the blue until they took my ciggies away from me. Now I am a killer of 3 cops and 4 G-men.
Jack: Pleased to meet you sir. I am a former cop turned criminal. Now here’s the rest of the gang. One eye Dirk, Triggerhand Mike, Furious George, Virginia Slim, and Crazy Freddie.
They’ve got us trapped but we are prepared to fight and we have plenty of smokes.
(Now let’s see where the cops, and G-men are)
G-men leader: Gentlemen we have the Vapor Gang surrounded. Now I’ll get vengeance for the smoking that killed my father, and the second hand smoke that ruined my health.
Cop: Yeah, we’ll strike a blow for non-smokers everywhere.
G-man- I can hardly wait. My kid died of cancer from his Mom’s smoking.
(A man approached the scene with a megaphone.)
Man: Hey. Let’s be reasonable. Some evils we have to put up with. This madness has turned good men into criminals. I suffer from second-hand smoke myself but not everybody can quit. Thousands have already died in this violence. How many more will?)
G-man Leader: Shut Up.
(The man retreats. Soon the fight began.)


Did you write this? Very good :blush:

Yes I did write it. There were people in my family and many of the places where the mentally ill are who smoke. It’s a complicated issue as some are able to quit and others never do. Although I’d like to have cleaner air since I don’t smoke I understand why I don’t.

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Nice funny scene, @Blizzard !
And a touchy subject too.

Please check out my story and leave a message if it’s any good !

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I’ve been thinking that there are some good reasons for legalizing drugs. Drive by shootings would go away, a lot of larceny would stop, it would be easier to keep track of junkies to keep them from overdosing, it would reduce our prison population. The problem with that is if we legalized drugs they would become cheap and plentiful enough that anyone could get them. I thought that if we wanted to keep the price high we could do it by taxing drugs. But any time the price of something is kept artificially high a black market develops for it. Even with this problem, legalizing drugs and keeping the price high through taxation is probably a better approach than what we have now.

One problem they run into at the home is that many of the clients spend all their money on nicotine and caffeine due to its addictive qualities and price.

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