The owl and the chimpanzee

1. The owl and the chimpanzee

By Jo Camacho.

The owl and the chimpanzee went to sea
In a beautiful boat called The Mind
The owl was sensible, clever and smart
The chimp was a little behind
The owl made decisions, based on fact
And knew where to steer its ship
The chimp reacted a little too fast
And often the boat would tip
The waves would come and crash aboard
The chimp would start to cry
Large tears would roll right down his face
Afraid that he would die
The chimp and the owl would wrestle at night
When the world was quiet and still
The chimp would jump up and rock the boat
And the boat would start to fill
Then the owl stepped in and grabbed a pail
And started to empty it out
And the chimp would start to get quite cross
And would often scream and shout
The battle continued night after night
Until the chimp started to see
That if it let the owl take control
A more peaceful night it would be

This poem by clinical hypnotherapist and psychotherapist, beautifully articulates the internal battle many of us face when the more primitive part of our brain (the chimp brain) takes control. The wise owl within all of us is seen here fighting with the chimp who seems determined to make the situation worse, despite its fears of the situation worsening.


That is an excellent poem, i try and not let my monkey brain take control bc we cannot control everything all of the time,

I try and let my wise owl take control and he is always good to me and if something bad happens I feel confident that he will help and give me strength and courage, he is a all seeing, all knowing wiser than wise owl lol :slight_smile:

a lot of the time the monkey is in control though i am afraid and that is bc we inherently think like the monkey, we need to break away from the monkey way of thinking,

great topic, thanks for sharing.

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