The over-estimation of distance for self-voice versus other-voice

If there were a people living with the hallucination entity (the emitter of vocal thoughts),and someone of them deliberate to mislead the general readers,scientific researchers and reality ,he will falsely claim that he listens to his self-thoughts as they are issued internally by the tone of his self-voice (voice tones of the tongue )

There is no a single human being at all under any circumstance,any exception, internally listens to his self-thoughts by the tone of his self-voice !

Rather,the human being who coexists with the vocal emitter ,listens to his self-thoughts throughout the tones of voices related stranger person(s),as if he listens to a voices emanating from other people ,even if he finds that his self-thoughts content are the audible message !

this means in practice,the human being listens to a stranger voice tones reading his self-thoughts