The origins of schizophrenia

They gave me real thc when I asked for charlottes web. It was before anything past medical marijuana was legal here. Including cbd

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I think it comes from the brain.

I havenā€™t done drugs, and I donā€™t abuse alcohol.

I think you assume that just because something is true for you, it is true for everyone.

My main theories: extreme stress, the occult, and toxic relationship dynamics.

noā€¦none of thatā€¦I didnā€™t use any drugs or alcoholā€¦it just started happeningā€¦I think its a neurological difference in the brain wiring/causing some people more prone to mania than others. I can remember it started getting worse at the age of twelve and thirteen and then at fourteen I could say that I was being bullied but part of it was I couldnā€™t control the maniaā€¦

It has gotten worse with age too so maybe the medication did slow its progressā€¦because schizophrenia is a chronic and progressive mental illness. I think abilify reversed some of its progression because six years after I started the meds I was evaluated and told I had Bipolar 1 with a Good prognosisā€¦but now the thought is its Schizophrenia and the medication has made it easier to cope with over timeā€¦

I tried smoking weed to cure the schizophrenia. I read some articles that it changes the wiring and nerve signaling but i dont know if it had that effect or if my intention was more of a placebo than anything but I am going to get some CBD gummies to see if it works.

Drugs will not help you treat schizophrenia. This is common sense.