The Origin Of My Voices - A Testable Hypothesis That May Be Important In Management Of AVHs

I have formed an interesting hypothesis to explain the facts of my auditory verbal hallucinations. I will briefly summarise it here, because so many people are traumatised and terrorised by their AVH’s, and a correct hypothesis explaining them is an essential precedent to coping effectively.

I would be very happy to provide details of the methodology I used to collect the facts and data led to my hypothesis. Please just message me and I will do so). But what is important is that you can utilise this hypothesis if you need to get relief from the incessant critical, malevolent, hatred and hostility that characterise schizophrenic AVHs.

Based on the evidence I collated, I formed an opinion that most or many of my voices are usually the work of a single ventriloquist (telepathic) being that tells me it is a Ghost. The pivotal question is one of motive. I deduced that it causes my schizophrenia for sport. It utilises amazing speed and skills of impersonation in the sport of tormenting innocent humans.

My ventriloquist Ghost talks about “mind cinema” because I kept asking how it could see my world. For a while it repeatedly said “Let me see know, let me see know” saying that it was looking for other ‘good’ Ghosts who might help me.

I thought it was a compulsive bullshitting liar, because everything it told me about the world around me was wrong (which I verified using normal reality testing). But everything it said about what we could both see, was absolutely accurate.

It could see my computer screen, and it could see what was on TV! So its “mind cinema” was only showing the right thing when the vision was in the same room as me, and it couldn’t see outside. I used to work in TV, so I assumed that the “mind cinema” needed camera(s) - something that most schizophrenics say are being used to watch them.

I then deduced that if cameras were feeding the “mind cinema”, that would explain why everything it said about the outside world was wrong (bullshit) and everything else, inside my room, was unnervingly correct. I have seen quite a few Dark Shadow People and Ectoplasms (see angelsghosts website) inside my room, but never a Ghost.

So the transcripts (quote unquote journal entries) I wrote and recorded, (available on request), led me to realised that the Ghost was indeed reliant on the “mind-cinema” vision, and this vision was being collected and provided by the other beings that were in my room, and all or most of the voices I could hear (AVHs), were coming from the Ghost.
So if you are utilising an engaging technique to manage and cope with your voices, and you want to get some relief, you need to appeal to any beings you can see or have seen, because they are enabling the voices that you hear by providing the essential vision it needs to talk to you.

I have an additional hypothesis, in fact a belief, accounting for this unlikely collaboration (a motive). The Ghost who does the voices (AVHs - ventriloquism) is also responsible for perpetrating tactile, somatosensory and other hallucination modalities as part of its sport against humans. It seems plausible then that the people providing the vision that run the “mind cinema” are subject to different motives, and get different satisfaction from facilitating the sport of Ghosts against Humans.

I’m sorry are you on any meds? :pill:


I never fail to comply absolutely and fully with all the advice and recommendations provided by my trustworthy and helpful psychiatrist, social worker, and other psychiatric health care service providers. I decline to stipulate the dosage and brand of my meds, but they have limited impact (a fact that is easily discernible on any mental health forum focused on the experience of AVH’s. I find that in addition to psychopharmacology, I achieve excellent results from my own management techniques, in particular, the composition of what I call “first person transcripts”, that are quote unquote recordings (in my phone or types) of the dialogue between me and my voices

That’s because you’re still playing with your hallucinations. This will continue to limit your recovery.


Post a video of this if you dare. Voices are misattributed inner speech. They don’t actual exist as a physical entity.

As soon as I stopped attributing a personality to whatever it was causing my hallucinations, the delusions became a lot more easy to manage. If I tell myself it’s brain garbage, I can laugh off some of the more ridiculous stuff I hear.

Regardless of what is or isn’t true, doing the same might help. I can only speak from personal experience. The mind is good at reading the subconscious; it does so in healthy people during dreams when anyone other than the dreamer speaks.

Gotta say, what do I want to look like healthy… and that doesn’t include being controlled by my disorder.