The only symptom the meds don't help

I was starting to have some psychotic symptoms so had a small med increase and they subsided. I’m having minimal psychotic symptoms. The only symptom that never gets under control, that I’ve had for as long as I can remember, is the constant feeling/thought that I’ve said or done something inappropriate, and offended or angered someone I care about and made and/or made a fool of myself These thoughts are constant, whenever I’m awake, they only stop when I am 100% concentrating on something but that is rare that I can do that, even watching a movie these thoughts manage to come to the forefront of my mind. It is torture. I don’t understand why the meds never suppressed these thoughts. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?


Yes, I have similar thoughts like you do. Also, I delve into these thoughts soo deeply at times, I feel there is some sort of more sinister plot behind all of it, mostly because of what happened during my last break.

I don’t know if it ever goes away, but it does fade into the background after some time.

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I realized at one point that a lot of things I would have felt offended someone were things they didn’t notice. Like I am constantly hyper aware of everything and have so much additional stimuli coming in that a lot of factors no one else takes into account were part of it. I have never gotten it to go away but I think that it’s possible to suppress a bit. I try to rationalize it but that’s often not hugely effective. If it’s been a bad encounter I try to keep to myself for a bit or even not leave the house for a day or two. It helps to be in my own space at times like that because it eliminates the possibility of running into someone and having the same thing happen. It can snowball and being around ppl while you’re policing your thoughts can just increase your anxiety.

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I really do say and do inappropriate things, and offend and anger people. I never worry about it though, until someone brings it to my attention, and then I feel bad and angry at the person who brings it to my attention, thinking they are being unreasonable or too sensitive.

frustration and pent up anger,

and it will be happening soon once spring hits.

This is a really interesting topic. I too used to be tortured by those thoughts and feelings. I wish I could tell you how I escaped the mess myself but it’s only like a vague recollection of ideas. I think it has something to do with sensitivity and picking up on others subtle energies. I am also really good at reading body language in an intuitive way. What I would suggest is separating your own feelings from other people’s ,common empathy practice. And what I found works for me is impeccability in every way. I think it stems from social disgrace. Or it could be that time heals it. Or jus exposure.

I still somewhat believe that I can psychically offend people with my thoughts, even if I can’t see or hear them at the time. I strongly believe that I can offend them if they are within earshot or eyeshot. The thought broadcasting sensation sucks.

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