The only supplements ive had luck with

lithium orotate, works, helps with irritability and anxiety, used to give me worse short term memory but now its all good.

rhodiola rosea, good for an energy and mood boost, too much can cause anxiety and heart racing

other supplements: l-theanine, taurine, gaba, ashwagandha. too unnoticeable to be worth it

avoid: l-tyrosine, makes me feel really odd and for some reason everytime i take it i get an urge to quit meds

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l-tyrosine is a dopamine precursor. Maybe it wakes up the non-medcompliant brain!

I’m interested in lithium orotate, but it appears not to mix well with the olanzapine. Maybe in the future if I ever get on another med.

I understand what you mean with unnoticeable. Many of the supplements I take, I only take on good faith. I wonder if I would feel them better if the AP wasn’t there.

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