The only Job for me in the future -- Math Tutor

I think the only job I’m willing and able to do is be a math tutor, preferably online and at home. I think the good jobs pay $20-$30/hr. I can probably teach up to calculus, but I think I’m going to have to finish my math degree first. I also like computer science, but I don’t know if I want to major in it.

Thoughts? Thank You.


We tried tutors for Squirrelette in Grades 5,6, and 7. Didn’t work out as hoped. Wound up using instead. Only about $14/mth and the results were dramatic, she shot up to being an A student. Honestly, as a parent, I’d recommend this service over a tutor.

Not what you’re wanting to hear obviously, but this is my experience over the past seven years. Heard the same from parents who are friends and also used IXL.

I wish you good luck, insidemind

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Math tutor sounds cool. Give it a shot, people are always looking for math tutors


Maths tutoring sounds cool, go ahead. I have a pharmacist degree and computer science degree with no job.

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Why aren’t you a pharmacist? That’s a golden ticket to owning and running your own pharmacy and making bank

My degree was done in india after 2004. USA doesnt recognize the degree after 2004 passout pharmacists. Bad luck.

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What about your computer science degree? That’s probably better.

Can’t you just get a degree fast online?

Yes i did have a masters degree in CS, but i do have immigration constraints. Hopefully by next year i may land in a job


Online degrees are for citizens, being an immigrant i have to go through immigration rules like attending the classes in person…enrolling every semester etc

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What country are you in?

West coast, USA

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