The only good thing about getting schizophrenia is…

The only good thing about getting schizophrenia is getting SSI but not everyone is fortunate enough to get it. I was fortunate enough to get it because a woman came to visit me when I was in a psychiatric hospital and asked me questions and put my answers in her laptop. This was in 2015 right after I got out of the psych ward after being diagnosed with chronic paranoid schizophrenia and psychosis which came as quite a shock to me. Then in 2016 I finally got SSI. I was so happy!


I don’t disagree. I am thankful I am entitled to some money even if its not loads.


I was sad that they deduced I wasn’t able to work. It meant that I wasn’t able to work.

I left the country. They stopped the payments. When I came back, I applied again for SSI benefits. However, the psychiatrist made the call that 16 years of education meant that I ought to find low-pressure work. I was finally relieved and am working now, but I chose high pressure work instead of low pressure work.


I have over 16 years of education and an undergraduate degree. But I can’t function in high pressure work.

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yea i’m grateful for the help i get money wise also… it’s less than i made working but i think it’s great that they do help us who need it.

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They give peanuts. That is because, as claimed recently, Mr. Bezos and company pay 0 percent tax. So, basically, they tax the middle class instead of the upper echelons of society, And, since the middle class is the majority, they oppose any government program that would help the least advantaged.

I was getting 450 dollars when I was on SSDI. If they determined I cannot work, they ought to give substantial benefits.

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I don’t think anything is good about Sz or SzA. I wish I never came down with it and was still doing my old career & job.


I didn’t even get a crappy t-shirt with my SZ, had to buy my own.

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