The Only Difference is 6 Years of Rust


The Only Difference is 6 Years of Rust

Friday, February 07, 2014
3:45 PM

Every time I sit in the chair of that old patio set in my backyard-
I think of where it used to be.

It was a hand-me-down from a friend and
we didn’t have much
so I loved it that much more for it.
I bought a green umbrella to match
that made our miniature house
look even smaller.
I thought it was so beautiful
that it deserved flowers for the table.

That’s where I was
when you got home that morning.

It was the second and last time you ever lied for as long as I’ve known you.

When you finally answered your phone the hundredth time I called-
you said you were on your way
so I came outside and waited.
I was worried about you driving so
I counted down the minutes and
it was creeping up to 4
by the time you pulled up
and staggered out of the car.

It was really nice of her to buy you some crackers.

I don’t mean to dwell
and I’m really happy for you
and your new patio set and all-
It’s just that
we don’t talk much anymore and
I’m still here
right where I was
sitting in this chair
waiting for you to come home.

See- I guess I don’t mind
the same old patio set.

I just still
have no one
to sit with.

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