The one that got away

I decided to randomly text this guy that I f*cked it up with about 7 or 8 years ago and he texted me back. He is happily married now :frowning: Aren’t I a jack-ass? To be sad for me instead of happy for him? He has it all! ALL the boxes checked. Handsome, smart, successful, a real gentleman. I was getting way too much attention back then and I didn’t give him ENOUGH attention and I lost that ring to another lucky lady.

Ever still dream about the one that got away? Deep inside, I still hope we can be together someday, although I know it’s unlikely.



Yeah, I had one like that, that got away too, but that was my decision. We worked together and went to the same University. She was really into me, and I thought she was cute, smart and nice, and we got along great. We spent time talking on ICQ and she would leave me sexy notes under my car windshield wiper, she was quality.

But I just wasn’t doing well mentally and I decided it wouldn’t be fair to her to be with me, she was so happy and full of life, and I was feeling like total sh*t at the time so I let her down easy, I didn’t tell her what I was going through and I was good at hiding it. If I hadn’t been struck down with mental illness I might be with her now. She moved on and got married and had kids too. I went on to become psychotic, lol

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Yes, the very first love of my life. Michelle was such an excellent woman, and loved me deeply and I loved her.

Several things pulled us apart, and my drinking on top did not help. I still regret not marrying her sometimes to this day. I was such a fool to not know what I had

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I feel your pain. The guy I lost (and I had his heart at one time!), EVERY woman wanted to be with. I really, really totally and royally screwed it up! He is one in a million and, now, I am one OF a million to him.
Oh well…
Sh*t happens.

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That’s sad, it didn’t work out then. I contacted old boyfriends on Facebook once. My very first boyfriend was so good looking. On Facebook he looked like a different person, like he’d been abused and was married to some blonde. But he didn’t respond to me. Another boyfriend did one time, but when I closed the account and sent another friend request, he didn’t accept. He just has a picture, when he was a boy. So I don’t know how he is. This boyfriend, I had left for someone else. Then he let me know he might marry a girl he’d gotten pregnant. For some reason, I was trying to talk him out of it, when we saw each other, but he married her. I might have seen their son, who is good looking like him. Makes me jealous. I probably would have been happier with him, but I didn’t have a lot of confidence then, and felt more comfortable with another boyfriend.


I got way too much attention when I was dating Jeff and he didn’t trust me because of it:( I just wish I would have played my cards differently. Tried to reassure him better than I did or something. He ended up marrying someone who doesn’t get a lot of attention and he says he is quite happy. Like you said, it’s all about who you’re comfortable with and he wasn’t ‘comfortable’ with me, so I lost out in a big way. I’m really lonely but I don’t want sex. I don’t want to cook, clean or have sex, lol! AND I have no money! No wonder I can’t fall in love. I’m asking for the moon and stars.

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No lol. But I get the feeling I am that guy for one person.


I think I am that lady for a few men too. They were disrespectful toward me. I’ve actually had a couple men ‘come back’ and try to work it out but I am not interested. My ‘love’ texted me today and it was like heaven! I’m so pathetic! I want to hug him so bad. My sweetheart. Married to another.


Story of my love life.


I keep hoping that since I have aged and shut down my Facebook and I am not so ‘out there’ and not getting tons of attention anymore that he will feel safer with me and want to be with me. He IS married though. I don’t want to be a home wrecking ho but I am truly in love with him. I have an appointment with my therapist today and I need to work on letting it go.

I hate to say it, but women (and men) that get a lot of attention tend to love it. They get their ego massaged, and it makes them feel wanted.

I’ve been with one woman like that, and it wasn’t worth knowing her

I’m triggered and don’t want to upset you, but I think that your approach to this is unfair, and you should grieve. He’s gone. You threw him away.

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I’m not upset. You’re entitled to your view/opinion. He still texts me and I am hoping to meet him for lunch so I hold out hope. It’s probably false hope. He probably IS ‘gone’ but I still have hope.

I’ve had married women flirt with me in front of their husbands, like hug me and kiss me on the cheek and stuff. It puts me in an awkward position and makes them jealous. Nothing good can come from this.

That is probably a good idea.

If he is wiling to cheat on his WIFE with you, then he would probably be willing to cheat on you even if you got him.

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That’s really sad. I hope you find someone. It’s not impossible.

I hear your logic there but I like to kid myself that I am ‘special’ and that he wouldn’t cheat on me nor me him if we got together because we are so in love. I know of ‘love’ stories where people met through ‘cheating’ because the heart wants what the heart wants and they stayed faithful to each other. In all fairness, he was crazy about me back in the day. I was his dream girl.
He just told me today “You never know what the future holds” when it comes to us being together.

I don’t blame you guys for blasting me :frowning: I probably shouldn’t even be talking to him.

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I used to have this happen with my buddies sister. She was forever flirting with me, in front of her husband. It seemed harmless enough, and it was, but I know it pissed him off to no end.

One of my ex-girlfriends was forever playing games with my head and yanking my heartstrings. She would flirt with guys in front of me, and play all kinds of bulshit head games.

It lasted for about a year-and-a-half, on and off, and then we finally split for good. Even after that, she was forever drunk dialling me when she wanted to get f***** or pick a fight. Usually both

Sweet Christ, I can’t stand people like that

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