The Once Optimistic Thinker

We have been abandoned by our fathers,
and our mothers have become prostitutes.
My sister was killed by your brother,
your brother killed by your own hands.
Your actions will be judged.
My uncle killed his sister,
right before taking the life of their two little kids.
Our great-grandfather was assassinated,
just before giving a speech that would change the world.
May his death be remembered.
Last night my mom had came to peace with God,
but was murdered by my brother this morning.
His actions will be judged.
Our kids did not pull through from sickness,
Let us take a second to mourn them…
May____ rest in peace, Amen.
My cousin hates his sister, just because they have different parents.
She cannot take it,
so she hangs herself in the middle of the night.
Her actions will be judged.
I will take no side.
I will not pity you for actions you have chosen.
I will not judge you because you are a bit different.
I will not forget you because you are now gone.
I will not forgive you for killing my whole family.
I shall finish out the remainder of my life,
and let my great-grandchildren’s actions be judged.