The Omnipotent Organization from which he is Powerless


I came across Ted Kaczynski’s statement,
Mr. Kaczynski’s…belief (is) that 'every aspect of his existence is controlled by an omnipotent organization against which he is powerless."
–N.Y Times, Nov. 14,1997
He was the Unabomber. But he was extremely intelligent and graduated from Harvard. Then abruptly quit his job at Berkeley to move into a shack in Montana, without electricity?

As someone who has also been tormented by this group, I am pretty sure he was trying to escape them. As no one believes you and it is almost impossible to prove their shitty tactics. I realized that I was being watched 6 years ago. I abruptly quit my job as well and started acting strange. At that time I was an average citizen. And I remember laughing at people making the claims that I now make. Psychiatrists will tell me that it isn’t real or whatever, but I live it. I guess it’s their job is to get me back into “society”. That isn’t going to happen. This went too far. So I am looking for an organization to join to try to expose this.

I understand that Charles Manson claimed The Beach Boy’s songs were directed towards him.

Plz share successes dealing w/targeting delusions

You’re not going to find much support for that here. This site supports the medical model of recovery from delusional behaviour. And you ARE suffering from targeting delusions. I’m doing you no favours if I pretend otherwise.

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