The Oklahoma v. Oklahoma State football game

Texas beat OU by 49 points this year. That’s enough to put any die hard OU fan into shock. But the OU Texas game was the only game in which OU played abysmally. They’ve lost some close games against very good teams. I saw on tv that the OU fans publicly booed quarterback Spenser Rattler at the beginning of the season. I bet they wish they had him back, now. Oklahoma State has a better record than Oklahoma University, but they just got beat 48 - 0 by Kansas State. OU played Kansas State a pretty close game. There isn’t much at stake in the OU v. OSU game this year, other than in state bragging rights. If OSU gets a bowl game it will be a very minor bowl game. Both teams played well at the beginning of the season. I don’t know what made them fall off.

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