The Official Christmas Thread

Maybe put all of your Chrismassy stuff on this thread instead of having a bunch of separate threads?


Thanks for the night terrors!

This was awful, that hair guy is going to haunt my sleep…


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I am offended by your farting jingle bells…you’re probably off your meds again so I won’t hold it against you but you are definitely being out of line here.

Lighten up, Juke!

Goldenrex and Selene liked it! Don’t be such an old fusspot! :wink:

(And I can’t be off of my meds…I’m on injections now)

Could we celebrate Christmas earlier this year? I’m in a hurry :smile: just kidding


My wife just bought a Christmas Tree and I’m going to decorate it with my Christmas ornaments!!!

Oh, dear. I apologize if I’ve offended anyone. What I meant to say was…

"I’m going to dangle my balls all over my wife’s Festive Bush!

(Phew! That was better!)


Our funny family Christmas story…

My brother bought me a stocking stuffer years ago. It was a deodorant stick from The Dollar Store called “3 Pines” deodorant…think he paid 2 bucks for it.

I broke out in a red rash after using it and had to see a doctor! So now, every time a family member receives a lousy gift from someone we say…

“Oh, man! I got 3 pines!” it’s become a catch phrase in our family!


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I did not watch the video :crying_cat_face: I liked it because I thought it is a picture.


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