The objects that attacked me, thus causing "schizophrenia", drastically reduced my level of energy

The objects that attacked me, thus causing “schizophrenia”, drastically reduced my level of energy.

What are you talking about?

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For a little while, I thought there were demons attacking me, sapping my energy and making me depressed. But that was just a delusion. There are no objects attacking you and causing your schizophrenia.


i still take meds, though not aps and i dont rely on them completely

lorazepam and soon hydroxyzine, a benzo and an antihistamine which is good for anxiety sleep and even psychosis

i have already tried lorazepam, but will try hydroxyzine maybe next week, if it doesnt work, fine

i take lorazepam very infrequently to avoid tolerance

also might try gabapentin, an anticonvulsant which can help with mood swings

There are non-human objects that attacked me, thus causing so called “schizophrenia”.
These objects have drastically reduced my level of energy,
thus essentially ruling out a possibility of me doing intense cognitive work.

The mechanism was a so called “psychotic break”
The only chance to function now is in 15-20 years if I change my genetic parameters.

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Take your meds :stuck_out_tongue:

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Are you getting any tactile hallucinations?

Hello @Ale, I get some audio and visual hallucinations, but the pressure in terms of hostile thought content

is decreasing as I am treated by a контактёр , meaning a treater who has ties to higher powers
that treat the hostile rubbish at the source.

However, the “psychotic break” has weakened me in a terrible way, and it may take 10-15 of my best years to recover from it.

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how do you change your genetic parameters?

eSleep well, eat well, avoid triggers.

The internet is a minefield of triggers, learn to love the beauty of boredom and solitude.

Eliminate anxiety from your life, resist the urge to come on the internet and consume the stupid garbage people are pushing on you here.

You have everything you need right now. Lead a good life, support your own psychological health, don’t confuse that with being happy.

Rather than happiness you need stability and control. This is an active day to day thing which takes more effort than clicking on colorful websites like a child.

Continue to outgrow this website like you did your childhood toys.

You haven’t got to do it all at once, its a part of your overall development.

It will always be there for you at home if you feel like revisiting.

Also, meds can help!

some of this i can appreciate

yea man if that teacup 8 years ago would have just left me alone i would have been fine

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