The obesity epidemic hitting home

My husband will be 60. He went to the doctor two weeks ago and the doctor wants him to get weight loss surgery. He still has not called about the seminar to attend to learn about it though I’ve reminded him repeatedly. Then today he goes to the store and comes home with a bunch of stuff from the bakery and says I couldn’t resist. I am resisting myself, ate a salad and a banana for brunch. I don’t think he is going to see our youngest son’s children someday, which is a goal of mine. Boggles the mind. Kind of like smoking with emphysema or something. Well, I hid it so my teenage son don’t eat it either. desimb

It’s hard, I believe when he says he couldn’t resist. Sugar is addicting and comfort food can be a compulsive thing. I have a cousin fighting this and it’s interesting hearing how he can’t stop reaching for the bad food no matter how much he tells him self he needs to.

He wants to go into some sort of therapy for this. He’s really afraid of becoming diabetic. But yet, he will still buy doughnuts and hate himself for doing so.