The nurse didnt do well the injection

She took the injection exchanged it with a water injection stole the injection and injected water inside of me

Then who should do the injection my uncle who is a doctor?

One time a male nurse hit on me.

This is paranoia. Nurses don’t do such things.

Even in lebanon the worst country in the world?

Yes, that goes for Lebanon, too. Believe me, don’t believe me, it’s whatever. I’m not going to argue with you about it.

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You’re paranoid. It’s the sz. Your nuese would never do that


The problem is i dont live in usa i live in lebanon the worst country in the world

Doesn’t matter if you live in the USA or Lebanon. Doctors and nurses do not switch meds with water.

And how would you even know what was in the vial? You wouldn’t have any idea, not without chemical analysis on the spot.

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The only way to know is by seeing if there is insomnia and take invega pills to compensate then do at uncle who is a doctor who have a lot of money and doesnt care about stealing meds

Invega doesn’t always give insomnia.

You’re being paranoid. They have no reason to inject you with water.

And don’t you watch as they take the vial and put the needle on?

Also, I really do not think your uncle would like you telling a forum he steals meds. You really need to think before you write.

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Have your clinic teach you how to do your own intramuscular injections and you can do them yourself. I used to do that with one of my non-psych meds, it’s not hard once you do it a few times. This might help you cuz you’ll be the one handling your medication.