The novelty

I was at the docs today, she had a young student training with her. This student came in alone, leaned in close, and started asking me all these pointed questions about hallucinations, delusions, wanted me to draw pictures and explain in detail. She wasn’t taking notes, just, fascinated. She seemed so excited that it was off putting.I have a lot of trouble describing my experiences, words come up short, and i find it hard to talk to people as it is. It was uncomfortable to say the least.

In short, i felt like a circus freak.
Has this happened to anyone else? Someone taking too much interest in the more disturbing things you see and hear? Being taken that seriously was weirdly unpleasant. Is this how it is? Instant dismissal or morbid curiosity? I have yet to find the middle ground.


It has happened to me as well… It in my opinion is morbid. Sometime unprofessional when they ask you to draw em / explain them.

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It has happened to me as well, but I guess they have to learn somehow

I don’t think she meant any harm. It probably would have been OK to say something tactful to her about coming on too strong. I would prefer someone being too interested compared to someone who is too negative. She probably didn’t realize she was coming on too strong and that she was making you nervous.


Three times something similar happened to me.

Twice it was ignorant cabbies. A third time was a phlebotomist (blood drawer) who said I should see a naturopath.

I took none of them seriously.

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