The NIT Selection Show

(The NIT Selection Show is brought to you by Sears, K Mart, JC Penney’s Little Joe’s Boutique, and Sam’s Slop Shop)
Announcer: Welcome to the NIT Selection Show and for the next half-hour we’ll give you the teams that didn’t make the Top 66 in the NCAA Tournament. They are a little disappointed. Just kidding. They are very disappointed. They have good records but didn’t do well in the games that count, or they had a big player surrounded by mediocre players. Or maybe they were knocked out of contention by a bad team that won their conference tournament. No matter how they got here they still get to play for NBA recognition and a chance to go to New York City. We showed you the players’ reactions as they were selected last year but the majority of them either didn’t show up or they were assaulting the cameramen. So after a commercial break we’ll just tell you which teams are selected and spend the rest of time on advertising to try to pay for this crap. So enjoy the commercials because you probably won’t care for the games, or even watch them on TV. This sucks but it’s a job and I’ll do it. Now for the commercials.


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