The night I became full blown psychotic

it was the night of the time change for 1997. around October I think. whenever it is, I started watching t.v. that night and all the shows were about me. there was a channel playing only love songs all day and I thought it was about a woman I broke up with in college. I started reading the lyrics out of my cd’s and the lyrics told me what I needed to do…I was gone, gone gone.


ok get better dude


Yeah i remember the cats outside kept speaking to me and i was talking back
I find i have much affinity with animals

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I became psychotic while at work thought my coworker setup a wedding for us then i thought i got fired without anyone saying anything so i didnt go to work the next day and got fired for real then i ended up in the er

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thank you for sharing…that’s sad…I got escorted by van and coworkers to the mental hospital.

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I didn’t sleep the night before I got full blown. I couldn’t sleep because I had such a big headache and voices.

I think something physically broke in my head. Hence, the massive pain. I thought I had a brainchip and called the pain torture.

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