The News wasn't what I expected gastroparesis

I’ve been kinda quietly working on my health issues. I’ve done research on gastroparesis gerd and diabetes. I’ve had a bazillion tests which all point directly to what’s not right with me.

I saw a gastroparesis SURGEON this morning. Hes going to try NOT surgery for me with one last attempt. After that, a feeding tube and or a device surgically implanted into my stomach are options.

He says it’s progressive.

WHAT do I want from you? I need a joke, funny story, cute memes… that would be great! :hugs:


Oh man, my thoughts and prayers are with you @JustTrish.

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When I was in my 20’s my Aunt gave me 2 tickets to see the play A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. I took my sister. It was at a strange venue, it was a municipal building. It was a daytime play. As we were waiting outside standing in line I noticed everyone was dressed in suits and ties and dresses. My sister and I were dressed casually. As we were standing in line I went on and on about how I saw the play in High School and that it was hysterically funny. I made jokes about my brother played a unick and how he delighted the crowd. On and on I went, and nobody in line cracked a smile or reacted in any way.

Finally we went in and took our seats. By this time it was dawning on me that something was up and on stage there was a podium. I looked at the ticket stubs and they said “on the way to the forum”. A speaker came up and started talking about the AIDS consortium. I thought I was going to die of embarrassment.

My sister and I were sitting up front but quickly got up and left out the side door. We died laughing all the way to go out to dinner.


Thanks, @Wave @everhopeful and @Leaf

I adore laughter. Thanks for sending me some… :hugs:


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