The new year is here,feeling a little stressed,will stay calm and rest more

The chinese new year is here,I am a chinese so I celebrate it here in Malaysia.I want to say that how do you guys deal with celebrating new year,there is non working day,you visiting relative and they visit you which can cause a little stress,but it could be fun for some people too…maybe not too fun for me.I hope I can stay calm during chinese new year this year and not get affected by negativity of myself and other people…its a lot more difficult years ago where my negative symptoms or depression is strong,now I just feel better.I know I won’t be having much fun and I don’t mind,jus hope that it won’t be too bad for me and have a peaceful celebration this year :smiley:

Sounds similar to our new year but I here your celebration is off the charts and people are partying in the streets with parades and whatnot.

Normally New Years is more of a celebration with friends for me. We do take it as a time to implement change into our lives. Kind of like a blank slate at the same time.

Ultimately you just gotta make the best of it and try and have fun.


Thanks I will not give myself pressure and try enjoy and laugh more in the new year


That sounds like a good plan.

Yes, why not enjoy new year? You can be better than that! (I mean, your health can be better, with less negatives!) All you have to do is to believe in yourself and everything is gonna be fine! What worked for me was an antidepressant, which you also take! So, there’s nothing more to do than feel confident, and as I told you, recovering from alogia, (not having so much to talk about) can be with speech practising! :slight_smile:

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