The new neighbors come over every day...I like it

Turns out the husband is schizophrenic and his wife and her brother that lives there are both on disability so we are always home next to each other…today they admitted they were broke and I gave them ten dollars because they wanted to make a lot of pies…we get some out of the deal so I see it as money well spent. They didn’t ask for the money…


It’s good to know you have nice neighbors @jukebox!
My current next door neighbors are very nice too.

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Be careful jukebox. The last people you helped out financially took advantage of you.

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yeah, it’s cool…they can’t always have money but since I stopped smoking I can lose ten bucks…they were gushing with thanks when I gave them the bill.
the last people were crank heads…these are church going respectable people…I look forward to talking to them every day. they have two dogs that they dress in sweaters for the winter…so cute.