The new girl thing I hate

Creaking. Girls do you like to make your voice creak? I don’t want to cause trouble, I don’t really hate it.

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I have no idea what this means.


My joints creak. Does that count? :stuck_out_tongue:


Can you explain what it is?
Feel like an old man trying to understand kids’ lingo XD

Im not a girl so ill croak and ribbit



If a girl is starting to creak maybe bend her the other way?

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Or maybe wd40?
:thinking: :bulb::man_mage:

Big fan of Astroglide, what can I say?


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I think I heard someone (girls?) make a creaking sound as a sign of hesitation / apprehension. Is that what you’re talking about?

:joy: i seen that at walmart.

Ladies does astroglide stop the creaking?

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What do you mean?

No, but it’s an old girl thing in my home.

Dignity goes with age.

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Im guessing OP means vocal fry. You hear it a lot on NPR and podcasts, and in Kim Kardashian’s speech… the last syllable of a sentence gets stretched out and voice pitch sinks.

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I’ll cause trouble.

The way most girls (even grown women) speak is fcking absurd. They try so hard to sound cute with high pitches and like @agent101g pointed out, vocal fry. It’s annoying, and only makes them look stupid. I can’t stand most women’s voices because of this. How anyone can take them seriously is beyond me.



You’ll love me then i have a low semi deep monotone voice which reflects my absurd mental illness i guess :thinking:

You should hear me sing i sound like a frog lmao :rofl:


I’ve never heard of that.

My singing voice is awful, I don’t do it. :flushed:

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Funny enough, when psychosis started for me, I sang a lot. All the time. Made up my own songs, sung my thoughts out loud. I couldn’t help it. My psychosis was very musical at the start.


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