The netherworld

I used to believe I fell into the netherworld due to my wicked ways as a child. I don’t honestly blame myself anymore

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Sometimes I feel I’ve been marked as damned… the demonic whispers are the hardest voices to get rid of… when I really zone into the voices that’s what I end up hearing…

Oh fuggen well…

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I don’t hallucinated often anymore. But I remember

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That’s good… I’m still working on it…

I can turn them off at will sometimes… stress and things like that are factors…

I’m also just interested in this phenomenon of voices… and who they might be trying to impersonate and how their statements are formed… jsut how much of my experience do they percieve?

all these mysteries stir them up… or set me up to stir them up just to kind of investigate.

I’m getting better at trusting they really aren’t other people though… they might not go away but at least I can wake up from the delusion.

They are just nonsense when added together… just an inconvenience… but my thoughts don’t follow those lines any more so I feel pretty good… the psychological trauma has passed.

Yea. I think of it as natures mistakes in us. Yet we can find purpose by learning how to use our dumbo ears for a good benefit

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Well we don’t really have a choice… got to keep on living… My life is alright. I can slowly climb from hear and I’ll still wind up with a good life… go to school this year, get a basic job the next, get a better job a few years later… etc… hopefully a gf will wonder into my life soon… at that point I probably wouldn’t give a ■■■■ about the inconvenience of hearing voices.

Life is good.

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Yea. The design has me wondering about genetics. I don’t know if there is a kind souled girl out there for me

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Ah sure there is man. I can already tell you’re a better man than most.

It’s a balance though. Don’t stress about it, but don’t give up.

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I simply believe in “other words” that we may transmigrate to once we die on this planet. I’m not sure, though. It’d be awesome if I got to join the world in which the visuals & voices I experience come from.

Maybe they come from a parallel universe or a past life. Or maybe they come from some sort of dream or spirit world.

Call me stupid, but I thought the “Netherworld” was slang for a woman’s “HooHoo.”

Second thought,
maybe that was called “the Nether regions.”

Now what happened to that “Edit” icon?

Oh Drat.

I read the term "netherworld " in old English literature as a kid

It represented a ghostly dimension

Yeah, I figured it wasn’t the same, but I had a bit of brain fog.

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I’ve heard your description too

I’ve been there. I would have liked to stay longer.

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Th may not may be other worlds, might have other parallel planes of existence. I mean I like to think of it we have a decision to make and somewhere in one realm we went the other way than the way we went in this realm. I believe Heaven/Hell lives somewhere in these parallel planes…but that is just a personal opinion of mine.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m in living in some kind of hell or purgatory from back when I was a new-born and born two months early and nearly died because I wasn’t fully ready to come out yet…I often find myself wondering if I really made it or if I’m trapped somewhere in between. Though I do kind of wonder if that is just a delusional thinking because I’m unhappy with my life.

i get that. i was born from violence myself and i question purpose and faith in good

I sometimes wonder if I haven’t wandered into an alternate universe. It would explain a lot of otherwise inexplicable things.

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I hope my delusion that this is all (my life/reality) some big gag punishment is wrong. Please let it be wrong.