The netflix conspiracy

ive watched the Russian revolution… the Nazi revolution the American revolution…cubas revolution…the Filipino revolution… and how to stage a coop… whats up with Netflix and revolution… are they trying to tell us something… they have a large section of revolutionary titles… like a lot…


ive watched so many… I think on paper I could take over this country… I lack the charisma required to motivate the middle class to rise up… but I know the steps required to successfully cripple and take over now… I would never implement these practices… mostly because what @kindness has said…take power by the sword and you will surely meet the same fate… we need a peaceful revolution to have any hope of true peace…

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maybe ill start watching netflix

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together all the shows ive watched on it have painted basically a step by step and what is required comprehensive list… I have already adapted the tactics for peaceful takeover… god help us all if I ever get enough funds to pull off the peaceful coop… lol…google could do it… without a shot fired…

I just started watching 13 reasons why

its about this girl who committed suicide

its actually pretty well made so far

I think its new


I tried to watch it… its not that it was bad just not my cup of tea…

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I watched all of it. It was kinda hard to watch sometimes, but it was a good show.

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