The need for some to dominate is very irritating

A certain person’s overly verbose and not always very intelligent need to dominate the forum is getting on my nerves. Especially as this person resorts to abusive behaviour if challenged,
This person is often snidely disparaging of other posters and acts as though he is mentally superior to all of us which he most definitely is not.
I don’t enjoy the forum like I used to , This never used to be a place where anyone so willingly looked down on others .
I wish this person would refrain from answering my posts but his ego wouldn’t allow that. I wish I could block his posts but that’s not possible.



I hope you aren’t talking about me! Are you??

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I like your posts Firemonkey, and I also liked the old forum a lot too…

You should just be more vocal and just ignore the person.

I liked the post about the pajamas you made the other day. I’m like that too.

I just don’t always comment on your posts.

I’m sure a lot of people do that. You post posts that are really good reading, and not really provocative or anything so that’s proabbly why ppl don’t say anything?

Not you. The person unless he is lacking in insight knows who he is. He’s a very large presence on these forums.

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I’m self righteous user #1. (literally most active user this week)

Methinks I think I know who you’re referring to. Less it’s me. Sorry man. Free speech.

Do you mean notmoses? Yeah I’m concerned it might be me, lol. I’m pretty low on the insight stuff…

It’s not me is it?

I try to ignore the person but quite frankly it is hard. As for not commenting on my posts I am trying to see that as sometimes people read but don’t always know what to say.

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Oh yeah I read like all of your posts. =) I’m glad you’re an active member here.

Im sure of you pm’d that person and told them it would assist them In staying out of your posts.

Correct on your first thought.

No really, you’ve helped me out a lot. I just havn’t been commenting. I don’t wanna talk about it… lol… really… trust me tho…

I’m all for free speech but not as a vehicle for subtly and sometimes not so subtly looking down on others. Scrape beneath the superficially benign exterior and there’s a lot of not so nice stuff going on.

Yeah, I hear ya @firemonkey. He is chronically on my nerves too. This is not a professional forum, but he is trying to turn it into one, it seems. I don’t like the condescension or superiority complex. I’ve asked him to stay off my threads, to no avail. I have to say, having a professional on here spouting all the acronyms is unsettling. Most of us post regarding personal issues, usually as it relates to the illness. Nobody wants to come on here and be subjected to academic crap, and have our problems analyzed on a professional level. I have asked a moderator to have a word with him, but it devolved into no action from the mods. He’s not diagnosed with schizophrenia, but bipolar, making this place an unwelcome addition in the diagnostic sense. Hey @firemonkey, if you wanna talk about it, PM me.

I feel one poster has no peoples skills. He doesn’t understand empathy and how to be “chill” as us younger folks refer to it as. He’s not stupid, but he’s lacking in understanding of people.

I don’t know man. I think we are all a mess. No one really falls for that superiority ■■■■■■■■, not for long at least.

It can be annoying though I agree.

Thank you for arbitrarily lumping us together into basket cases. I don’t think anyone on here deserves being called “a mess.” If you see a mess, then look within yourself first.

alright man my bad, I was meaning human beings in general. Not just sz folk.

I see the derogatory nature of it now.

I find some posters on this forum to be frustrating…but I just ignore them so it doesn’t really bother me in the slightest.


I get peeved at some people as well, I keep it to myself though. Everyone bounces back. For the most part it’s a good uplifting discussion going on here.

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That’s the nature of an international forum. You’re bound to run into people who you don’t see eye to eye with. As you said, ignoring is usually the best policy. Sometimes, however, the annoyances can only be dealt with for so long, and then someone blows up.