The nature of panic/anxiety attacks

Where does panic/anxiety attacks stem from? What brings them on or what calms the mind. How come we suffer from certain symptoms, and why do we feel uncomfortable, fearful, nervous sometimes like we are going to die. What meds help those who suffer from them.

It’s completely individualized response. If it seems weird feeling & not related to environmental stimuli or anticipation to planned action, you could try asking the voices. Ignore any nutty answers or demands for you to follow orders…But may give you a clue if your symptoms are kinda episodic and revolved around a specific person or group of people you may be able to avoid. If you quietly avoid some people you experience symptoms while you are around, do not follow any orders to do anything, just leave quietly. You may have some relief. Some symptoms work this way but not for everyone. Just something to quietly explore.

I used to have BAD OCD anxiety but I got it to quit. You just cannot give into the impulse to check out whatever is bothering you or do the compulsive behavior to soothe yourself. The yoga topped off the coping skills. Yoga give you calm mind and control of the run-on thoughts.

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I had a severe panic attack years back and it spurred a panic disorder in me because I didn’t fight it soon enough…I learned how to overcome my panic by taking away the fear from the equation…telling myself…“so what if I have a panic attack”…now I go to public spaces and into crowds of people without any panic at all.

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same here, getting of the grog and cigarettes helped me too.
Sometimes I’ll get a bit of anxiety after a bottle of wine but thats few and far in between since I don’t really drink anymore. I also found a lot of caffeine can bring it on to mainly energy drinks cup of coffee doesn’t really effect me though.

My panic attacks were worse when I was younger - I started getting them since I was a child.

I still get anxiety often, especially when I find myself being home alone - well this is when I feel panicky.

I think that these are part of Fear - I am fearful of almost everything it seems, from being home alone to driving away from my safe zones to my ongoing fear of riding in an elevator by myself to getting bit by bugs etc…

I do suffer from pretty severe Agoraphobia and I also have OCD.

Man, life Aint easy :confused:

Read up here:

A good video that answers these questions:

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My anxiety/panic attacks were worse as I got older. I used to cry a lot and have nervous breakdowns. I wish I can cry and become hysterical.

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