The nae nae is a devil dance?!

Das pope said it mimics an old skool pagan dance…is this by chance or did the modern inventors of the dance actually do some hardcore research…I find it suspect that very many people let alone american teens knew this dance was already a thing…

The hell is the nae nae.

Lol good answer…I don’t know…can anyone tell us what a nae nae is


Oh its a stupid dance but that’s all I know

Oh I’m sure it’s stupid. That much is obvious.

The pope talking about mimicry though. What’s he think he’s doing anyway if not another kind of mimicry? haha

watch me whip, watch me nae nae :smile:

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No we will not! What in the devil’s name is it!?

I only seen my nieces do this annoying “dab” thing. The future looks bleak!

why me you? watch me superman :joy:

i had to learn this dance for my friends wedding so thats how i know it :smile:


Yeah, we’re doomed. The future of the world is in the hands of people who think this is dancing?!

The devil just may be behind it after all. . .!

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Eeeeeeeeee, it’s return of the Haircutting girl dance, can’t keep a good devil down-not for long anyway.

What is a ‘stanky leg’ pray tell

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Their sense of rhythm is impressive, but how the expletive does this qualify as music? Stuff it, I’m going to write a song that centres around moronic dance-moves. Might make some money!

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