The mystery of time

The future is always beginning now.

  • Mark Strand

And ending later? Or put off until later?

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I know it’s silly but I just can’t help it when I think of time…

“Time flies like an arrow… Fruit flies like a banana”

I really should be ashamed of myself. :wink:


^^^ is awesome. LMFAO. Didn’t get it at first.

Oh, and time. Time exists all at once, so every single moment of our lives are all happening simultaneously. The only reason we experience time as an instant moving to the future is because cause and effect increments with frames of time. So we only perceive time as moving forward because our brains store knowledge and think using cause and effect.

And to the idea of the present or ‘right now’. What makes ‘right now’ possible if time is flat and exists all at once? Simple, there have been an almost infinite number of ‘right nows’ since the creation of the universe. The only reason this particular ‘right now’ is important and appears to be the present is because you are reading this and thinking about why the present time is significant and any different from the past or future.

Not too confusing right? Lol.