The Mystery of Schizophrenia

What we know so far about Schizophrenia. It is caused by chemical imbalance in the brain. Genes and environmental factors contribute to the “outburst” of Schizophrenia. (Pardon my English)

Schizophrenia affects us biologically (and/or physically), emotionally, mentally (of course), socially and financially.

Physically: Weight gain and lack of self-hygiene, etc
Emotionally: Mood swing,
Mentally: Obsessive thoughts, disorganized thoughts, hallucinations and delusions (,you name it)
Socially: Unemployment, homeless, Stigma-associated discrimination
Financially: Poverty, staying with parents, improper handling of money

Yet, what we have so far in store for us to treat Schizophrenia is anti-psychotics which mainly relieve positive symptoms.

But what we don’t know about Schizophrenia? Your say?
We are having the most complex(and/or unknown) disorder in the most complex(and/or unknown) organ on earth.


Okay, but maybe WE will find a cure for sz IF we stand together :smile: just kidding lol


They need to change the name of “anti-psychotics” let’s just say i would like to be called these pills : PRO Dopamine (professional dopamine). And i would like to be better than "anti-psychotics"
But it’s just a my dream…

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The mystery of Sz.
Let me open the door: it sucks to know you suck.
Let me close the door: it sucks but you have to keep going on even though it’s hard.

Bottom line: Sz sucks, but you still gotta do your chores even though the monsters keep following you around, undoing all that you just did.

Pdoc version: your thinking sucks, but here, take these pills so you can really have something tangible to focus your hate on, and thanks for the laughs, I’ lol send your case to the movie script writers guild, keep the material coming, gotta another payment on my BMW R 1200 RT in blue naturally.

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Yeah the docs and scientists know so little about the Schiz disorders.
The Antipsychotics are basically band aids that all work the same way (basically)

All I know is that I’m not functioning like I should and I’m running out of options.
The once trustworthy medication Risperidone is now barely working for me and so far there are no other meds that would come close to Risperidone’s efficacy.

I’m slowly sinking into Quicksand, so it seems.

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when people ask me what kind of meds do I take I just say they are like vitamins. I hate telling people I take anti anything

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