The Mystery Of Insects. (Trigger Warning)


The Universe Is Filled With Insects.

Like Spiders.

And Yes, Even Cockroaches.


Why Do They Exist?.

Do Sad People, Hopeless People, People Within The Sphere Of Fear’s Chains Relate?.

It Seems That No One Cares Or Can Even Look At A Cockroach.

So What Is The Point Of Insect’s Existence Here On Earth?.

Are They Aliens In Some Way?.

Aliens Pets Sent To Earth For Us To Learn About Aliens Before They Come And Visit?.

Only Time Will Tell.

What About You, What Do You Think (???).

Hope, Love, Joy, And Peace!. (For The Innocent)


Insects Are Strange Creatures.

They Can’t Speak. But!, They Can Make Certain Noises. (Kinda Like Dolphins). Crickets For Example. Although Roaches Can Hiss. Which May Be Gross. (Sorry If You’re Eating). My Bad!.

Point Is…,

Insects Are Small. Some Of Them Very Small. Where One Front Or Backyard Can Be Huge!.

To Those Little Gals And Guys.

So…, That Leads To The Question. . .

What Do The Stars Look Like To A Grasshopper?!?.

And Why Can’t We Ask Them That Question?.

Or Can We (???).

Hope, Love, Joy, And Peace!. (For The Innocent)

All kinds of critters make the ecosystem. Even large animals need small. And small need smaller. It’s a cycle that all depend on to a certain extent. I wouldn’t think a cricket would consider the stars…not sure their existence is anything but primal impulses.


Agree To DIsagree.

It Could Easily Be Said The Same About Us As Humans From A Bird’s Perspective.

Hope, Love, Joy, And Peace!. (For The Innocent)

Biology is interesting. Brains capable of learned behavior start with the upper order molluscs. An insect hasn’t much in the way of wiring when it comes to intellect.

They all know their place, their purpose, we don’t wwe just consume, we are the worst type of scum on this planet tbh :frowning: I’d rather be a tree

@mrhappy you’ve been warned about continuing with op. This is not the place for tit for tat posting.

i’m just replying to a post

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Well Now…, @rogueone, You Have Received A Silver Star From Me Dear Sir.

As A Gift I Bring To You An Album From A Group, That No Matter How Dark The Road Gets, One Listen And I Get Brought Into The Sunlight. Although One Could Judge And Say That The Short Album Is Dark In And Of Itself. Sometimes It Takes That Basic Understanding To Be Brought Back Into The Light.


Thank You For Your Defense.

Hope, Love, Joy, And Peace!. (For The Innocent)

I’ll check it out. Just got into Death. Amazing proto punk and so far ahead of it’s time.

Sat down poster for a night who was coming back at you. Keep it cool for this evening thanks.

If you consider a spider…you can take a spider who is spinning a web and remove them from that environment and move them…they’ll continue to spin a web. They don’t exhibit behavior that is capable of learning from abrupt changes. Octopus is an interesting animal. They can learn from the environment and are quite advanced in the scheme of things.

I am busy questioning my existence. They say our planet is actually a insectworld.



Well…, In Their Defense, Take My Acoustic Guitar Away, I’m Still Going To Sing Songs.

Might Not Sound As Okay, But!, I’m Not Stopping. . .

(By) (The) (Way)

Thanx…, He Was Going To Continue For Endless Reactions. . . . . . .

Hope, Love, Joy, And Peace!. (For The Innocent)


Who Says That!?!.

Proof Now Dear Sir!.

Sounds Fascinating. . . . . . .

Hope, Love, Joy, And Peace!. (For The Innocent)

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The guys from the natureshows.


That Doesn’t Really Narrow The Answer For Question Down Any Dude. :slight_smile:

Hope, Love, Joy, And Peace!. (For The Innocent)

I think most things have a purpose. Maybe roaches are a food source for some other living being.

IDK though. Maybe they serve no purpose on earth; but who cares?
Everything doesn’t have to serve a purpose or have a reason for living.

Maybe their only purpose for living—-is living.

I’m not even sure what your point is but there are billions and billions of living things on this planet who do nothing for me personally, so to me, they have no purpose in my life on this planet. But they are still going to live their lives.


Which Can Be, (If You Stop For A Second), Can Be Overwhelmingly Charming.

From The Standing Of Creation As Reasoning. . . . . . .

Hope, Love, Joy, And Peace!. (For The Innocent)

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Well, when i would be a cockroach in my kitchen i wouldn’t have much longer to live.


Very True @Dunno3x, Not Many Humans Put Up With The Coexistence Of A Cockroach.


Seriously…, Why Are They So Insulting To Us Humans?.

Am I Weird For Trying To Understand That?.

Me???. Those Things Are Horrific.

But Still…, WTH (???).

Hope, Love, Joy, And Peace!. (For The Innocent)