The movie Shazam!

Does anybody remember that movie? The actor Sinbad was a genie.


I thought you were talking about the new movie about the DC superhero. It was okay but a little too family friendly for my tastes.

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That wasnt a real movie.

That’s what I’ve been reading. I remember watching it.

There was a movie called Kazaam with Shaq.

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I remember that movie. :movie_camera::movie_camera::movie_camera:

Shazaam or Kazaam?

I think it was Kazaam. :fox_face::fox_face::fox_face:

I also remember the books as Bernstein Bears not Bernstain Bears.

Shazam is an app to recognize music using the cellphone’s microphone.

I heard good things about it but I couldnt get into it. It felt too goofy to the point where it almost felt like parody.

Did you just watch a cinemeassacre video on mandela effect. It would be quite the coincidence, because i watched that yesterday.

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