The Movie Red Corner


I think it was a spy thriller set in China featuring Richard Gere.

Anyhoo, when this movie went to rental back in the day, my mother-in-law said she was interested in watching it. I said…

“Yeah. It’s a movie about a guy painting his apartment floor red…then he mistakenly paints himself into a corner.”

My mother-in-law: “Oh! That sounds boring! I’m not going to watch that!”

She was always so gullible. I don’t know what made me think of this story tonight, but I was laughing to myself thinking back on this.


It’s funny how the brain sometimes gives us random flashbacks like that.
This morning, I suddenly remembered a time in the 6th grade where my math teacher went on a rant about how unfocused and disruptive she felt we were all being. She ended it by saying “if you don’t wanna be here you might as well go so the resy of us can learn in peace”. So naturally, I got up and left. She got in a huff and sent a letter to my parents, but my dad just shrugged.
You can’t give kids an opportunity like that and get mad when they grab it :joy:


In 7th grade, we had a substitute teacher that day.

One boy was acting up so the teacher sent him to sit in the hallway. Then she tersely said…

“And anybody else who wants to join him, feel free!”

So I started packing up my papers…another student started packing up his stuff…then others…until the whole class moved into the hallway…all 27 of us. We were all laughing hysterically!

The teacher was stunned and didn’t know what to say! She was faced with a bunch of empty desks. So she phoned the Principal and he came down to see what was going on…then we all scurried back to our seats.

But, oh man that was a hoot! We were always so tough on substitute teachers.


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