The motivation to change the world stops when you grow older

Is it true? It´s my case. I had big dreams when I was younger. I would spend hours and hours doing what I was passionate about.

Now, a day without any setback is a good day.

They say it´s very difficult to become good at something when you grow older… Maybe it has to do with brain plasticity. It´s weird the ways how we feel it tho…


I still have a desire to change the world. I daydream about making a big discovery etc.


I remember when I was a kid going to school, and during the lessons, completely abstracting myself practising guitar in my head. Only to spend whole afternoon doing music.

For me it’s true. I wanted to save the world, but not that I’m older I want the world to end.

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To me, the notion of “saving the world” is mainly to find and impress my dream chick.

But now that I know who she is, I don’t think I need to go to that length.

But I might end up shaking things up anyhow.

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I realized that the best way to make the world better is to make my community better.


Maybe because when you’re younger your full of potential…but when your older your full of skills.

When you’re young you dream a lot, but when your older you spend more time making a change then thinking about how you can make a change

Just my 2 cents…


I never wanted to change the world. Ive just kinda done my own thing and let the world sort itself out lol.

I guess for me changing the world is something simple like saying hello to someone when you walk by them on the sidewalk.


For me it’s things like doing volunteer grad photo sessions for kids from poorer homes. Coaching youth archery. Supporting the local school lunch program. Volunteering when and where I can (e.g. software training for the local womens’ shelter). I’m trying to be a small but positive ripple in a large pond.



Yes Local stuff is great. Too many folks want to do some huge world changing thing when they could do something nice right in their neighbourhood :blush:


Good on you!

I used to volunteer for my local charity shop.

They say if you want to make a difference start in your backyard first.


“Bloom where you are planted.”

"Think globally; act locally.


" I’m not trying to change the world. I’m not looking for a New England. I’m just looking for another girl ".


My dude! You gotta love Billy Bragg.



…could have guessed you’d pick it off the quote! Kudos my friend…seen him a couple of times live and such an amazing artist!


However, world’s motivation to change you is relentless.

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I’m 63, and I still have dreams of becoming a great writer that puts forth stupendous ideas and influences humanity for the better. I don’t have much else in my life besides my dreams. It’s not bad. I have a good ability to keep myself entertained just by daydreaming and having flights of fancy. I sometimes wonder how I will feel about the life I have led when I get old and frail. There are times when my life seems empty. I think a great many of us will have to deal with that issue. People often regret the mistakes they made when they get older.


Not in my case. I was doing hours of work a day when I was younger. Now I don´t have the energy…

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