The most valuable lesson?

What is the best lesson you have learned in your life? (Please keep it positive)


That there is always a way through. Things will be ok. We can survive.

We may be odd but we all deserve love and respect.

Always be kind.


Don’t mess with drugs. If you’re going to take supplements make sure they’re natural compounds, not synthetic ones like Piracetam that have a shaky track record.

If I had stayed away from that so-called nootropic I’d be doing well right now.

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The less help you need, the more you get.


I guess help is a help, no matter how big or small

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My most valuable lesson …better to ■■■■ than to open my mouth and say stupid things.

I still say stupid things.

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One thing I’ve learned about life, is that many things seem to be about finding the right balance between two extremes. Sometimes too much can be as bad as too little… the skill is finding the right balance in between.


Be nice to most folk. They can have it a lot worse than you so it pays to be nice!!!


Don’t sweat the small stuff.


walking or driving? or maybe how to think but i lost that ability and now rely on meds,

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