The most used product by people with schizophrenia?

what product do you use the most … for me its paper.

Red bull …

Loves me my sriracha.



Coffee, wonderful coffee.


coffee, i love coffee


Air and it’s free!


Tobacco 15 characters


Innokin ecig battery, and innokin ecig tank. Otherwise it would be cigarettes.

cigarettes im sad to say im a chain smoker and dont even want to attempt to quit

correct answer is probably tobacco, maybe meds? I dunno, 80-90% of us smoke, I imagine even more are on meds?

My most used product is O2, oxygen gas, a product of trees and plants and crap, it comes out of their stomata.

Useless knowledge about biology, thanks school.

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Works great with sz, doesn’t it? (Why even take the stooopid meds?)

Yup. I have taken to (consciously) breathing a lot more.

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As asked on a other thread, “Is tobacco the opiate of the psychiatric masses?” (Don’t fret. That was a rhetorical question. I have been in more psych lockups than you have fingers… and maybe even toes.) (“Smoke break!”) (Getting out of the way now so I don’t get run over.)

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antipsychotics :smile_cat:

Smoke break! thats hilarious i remember those

Berocca, It’s you but on a really good day :wink:

Probably cigarettes because I know that my particular meds make me need them and anytime I was at a psych office or institution I always see lots of smokers so maybe their meds are the same for them.

Hand Sanitizer. Addicted to the stuff

I smoked four packs a day for many years. I have had no tobacco for greater than a year!


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Me too. I use a lot of that stuff.