The most scandalous thread you've seen on the forum?

Not scandalous, but I remember the thread where @anon39054230 and I played a game of chess in the Lounge (not the entire game). He’s a good chess player.

The funny part was that the board always had the white pieces on the bottom, and I was playing the black pieces. I first looked at my PC upside down, then I decided it would be easier to draw the board on a piece of paper with the black pieces on the bottom.


He was hilarious

I’ve seen a funny one but I won’t mention names. My stress threshold is too low to be thrown tomatoes at.

How can I access them?

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Hmm. I havent seen many threads that make me laugh, so i want that.

KingHenryVIII just @ that name and you can see his history.

I’d do it for you, but I don’t want to page him.


I just checked him out, he’s not schizophrenic. In my troll days I became a flat earth influencer and and even a target of sustained anti-FE harassment. Happy days. I’m sorry you got served by a pie-eating troll.

Nothing says recovery from schizophrenia like a million shots of grinning, posing opossums.


This has got to be one of the funniest replies I have seen :joy:


Lol… So he is not serious?

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He used to make me laugh.

I picked up my comments from my anon account with him.

I then started reading all my posts and comments from my account i anonomised and ended up getting depressed about the shiit i spoke.

Thanks King Henry for making me depressed again

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Can’t really tell but it’s funny af.

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If he is crazy I’m Henry VIII, which I’m not, because among other reasons I’m not crazy.

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I really don’t understand your situation. Cos I don’t know you. You defo think a lot either way and I like that about you though.

But you’ve had two sz diagnosis right?, by two different pdoc.
So it is very likely you’ve got sz.


Only in the eyes of the world.

Who else is there?

I remember the really rude hot girl that was on here for a while that thought she could control the weather.

People were agreeing with her, it was insane.

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Who remember this guy chestrockwell he was quite scandalous.i used to accidently look at his website that put his/her profile and i was shocked.i m still nervous about that

Probably the guy who stole over $60k dollars from his parent safe and gambled it all away in one spin because he was seeing the number everywhere.

Thought he was going to win big.