The Most Prepared

John Stuckley was a teenager who binged watched the news and the Weather Channel. When the Russians invaded Crimea John went with a group of survivalists and hid out in the woods until the supplies ran out. He was surprised that the conflict had not gone to the extreme possibilities and the house was still there and his parents were OK. When a hurricane came John ran inland for 300 miles and came back to find the storm had changed course. John always tried to get his parents to come along and they said “If it is our day its our day. There’s nothing we can do about it anyway.” So this time there was a 9 Torcon on the Weather Channel for their area and John prepared the closet under the staircase in the lowest floor of the house with no outside walls, and covered himself with a bicycle hat and pillows and told his parents “You can do what you want but I’m going to survive.” So when the tornado sirens sounded he leaped in the closet while his parents sat there and ate dinner. The tornado missed again but there was a loud noise and a scream. A sinkhole had caved in the floor of the closet and John had fallen in. His parents went to the door of the closet and looked in. His Mother said, “It’s a tragedy but I must admit he was getting on my nerves.”

Good luck sister

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