The most important meal of the day


What are you having? I have maple brown sugar oatmeal. I skip lunch because I have breakfast in the afternoon



Nevermind… I edited the post



I’ll sometimes skip lunch if I had a big breakfast too.
Nice house by the way!



I usually skip breakfast, but I have cereal or yogurt when I do have breakfast.

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I feel nauseous if I eat too early. :wolf::wolf::wolf:

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I had a tuna sandwich and some lightly caffeinated coffee. Regretted the sandwich due to it causing joint pains sometime after, so now I can’t shovel snow. That would have been the most useful thing I did all day, but now I get to feel extra ineffective. Fun times.

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I had half a veggie omelet.

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What happened to the other half? :blush::blush::blush:



In the fridge :wink:

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what a cozy looking kitchen table and surroundings…I love oatmeal !! big ol’ cup of coffee and creamer look mighty good too…think I’ll make an afternoon pot of coffee now…haha…we had scrambled eggs and tabasco with bacon and toast today…it was beautiful I love bacon and eggs…

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Cereal for dinner, chicken wings or pizza for breakfast is a regular thing for me

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Lol that’s what I ate. Maple and brown sugar instant oatmeal. It was so good.



Love the table in front of the tv.

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