The mosquito

Saw a mosquito today in the kitchen as I was attempting to do dishes, freaked the crap out of me. God those things are big. I tried swatting at it, I even tried pushing it out the door with the towel but the idiot bug flew back into the kitchen. It’s still in the house somewhere, it’s making my skin crawl just thinking about it. I’m afraid of bugs. I especially don’t like mosquito’s because I know they can carry diseases with them.

I’m paranoid of going to bed now because I’m afraid of it coming into my room and biting me during the night. I’m also afraid of it attacking my cat, though she’s a great bug hunter, she could probably catch it and kill it before I do. I don’t know what to do to get rid of it, we don’t have any bug spray. Do mosquito’s like sugar water like bee’s do? Maybe I can take an old bottle and fill with with sugar water and catch it in there so it can either drown itself or I can get it out of the house without getting stung.

I wonder if it is a mosquito or a mosquito hawk? Mosquito hawks are the big ones that don’t bite, but they look scary. They can get about two inches long. Get a rolled up newspaper or magazine and swat that thing.

If one is around me, I move it away with my hand so it won’t bite me. Then when it’s in front of me I carefully strike + clap it with my hands. Clap a little in front of it. You will see blood, but I think they won’t transmit disease unless they bite. Wash your hands.

I think the cat got it… there was dead bug on the kitchen floor. At least I hope that was the bug. to tired to stay up any more.

When this happens I try to reassure myself that they have short life spans so shouldn’t be alive too long. If my husband is home I call him :blush: If I’m home alone I try to get it…

I dont especially like mosquitoes because I am sensitive to their bites - I swell up more than the average person.
Get a fly swatter and make sure you are wearing long sleeve shirts - dont expose your skin too much.
Its the female mosquitoes that do the biting, males dont sting or bite - interesting fun fact :smile:


I’ve heard that males don’t bite but I couldn’t tell you if it were a male or female. I’ve kept an eye open for it all afternoon, but haven’t seen it. There was a dead bug that looked like it could have been my mosquito on the floor last night, I think kitty actually caught it before I went to bed. It helped me relax some, I was overly paranoid of getting bit, then catching some kind of disease, or it stinging kitty during the night and hurting her. But no strange marks on me or the cat and a dead bug in the kitchen, so I think we’re in the clear now.