The morning joke from the sis

How do you know the ocean is friendly? It always waves… Rated G for Gee that’s bad.

The NOT rated G…

A man walks into a coffee shop, music is coming out of his backpack and it’s making people wonder. Out of his back pack he sets a small piano on the end of the coffee bar and a little guy climbs out and starts playing.

The man also pulls out what looks to be a genie lamp and finds his coffee card and money. He orders his coffee and while he drinks it there is a lot of interest in his genie lamp.

He keeps telling people don’t rub the lamp it’s not what you think.
When the man goes to the bathroom the barista rubs the lamp and a genie does pop out.

It IS a genie lamp. The barista asks for a million buck… and with a WHAM… the shop is filled with a million DUCKS. There are ducks every where.

The owner of the lamp returns and shakes his head and says… “I see you rubbed the lamp. I tried to warn you. The genie in this lamp is the very first genie ever. He’s old and hard of hearing…” turing the attention to the little man playing the little piano… the owner of the lamp says… This is why I have a 12 inch Pianist.


It required me a minute to get the joke but it is FUNNY !

Im so glad to hear that she keeps her spirit up…she is one tough kid!

It cracked me up. I couldn’t stop laughing!

man walks in to a bar and asks for a stool, guy says we dont sell that ■■■■ here

says if you want you can use the toilet.

(my lame vague attempt at impromptu humour)


Brilliant! Gave me and my mum a good laugh!

I like the storytelling touch to this joke.