The more meds I take

…the more I seem to need, to keep stable. It seems like the meds are making me ill. My mental muscle atrophied like using crutches for too long.

Does this make sense? Could I slooooowly wean off meds to stop the muscle from atrophying even more?

Nope. Definitely not!

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Idk why you want less meds given that you have serious and violent sz symptoms.

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But isn’t the meds making me more vulnerable over time?

Or am I getting worse over time?

No the meds don’t make sz symptoms worse. They work and reduce symptoms most of the time and they do nothing if you are treatment resistant including to Clozapine.

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If I were you I would ask the Dr to increase the dose until your violent thoughts completely disappear. Thats what I did.


I’m on quite a number of meds apart from my psych meds. I stack them all out in my cupbourd and pick them one by one religiously every morning and night. I think my mind and body has got used to them somehow by now. I don’t like med changes. I’d rather stick with my regimen. When I relapse I up my existing dosage with the help of my pdoc.

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Olanzapine made me sick. Amongst other severe OCD symptoms, congnitive problems, insomnia.

But quitting meds wasn’t a solution as I would relapse. Supplements has been the answer for me. Recently I have found supplements to help me with OCD and insomnia, things are starting to look brighter. Still some cognitive problems, but things are not bad right now.

Maybe supplements can help you too. If you search the archives here you will find a lot of information.

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What AP meds did you try?

Latuda, Seroquel and abilify. But that didn’t work out.

I think olanzapine is not so bad now that I have managed to work out how to counter ocd and insomnia.

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