The more I think about Life, the more I feel Buddhism is truth

There is a saying in Telugu: Tha battina kundeluku mude kallu

Means According to him… Rabits have 3 legs only

Whatever makes u happy.

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@saurav I’m not saying it’s you. I’m just saying coffee toffee conversation is what happens all the time

This is what comes with logic involved

That’s not a hawking quote man…

You might be tlaking about his views changing on intelligent design… (which i did just learn about)

Anyways… there is an after life… in that case I should pick a religion… of yeah ■■■■ that.

What we don’t know… we don’t know… to speculate beyond that better be done in the confines of the hypothetical…

Of course there is a lot of Mumbo Jumbo going on…That idiot whats his name…Deepak Chopra and their Ilks have ruined the whole concept of Spirituality.

That does not mean that Spirituality is UNTRUE.

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When I posted my theory on internet websites many insulted me and some even called me Deepak Chopra and I don’t even know who that guy is or what he did and I never made an attempt to know him

i DONT go by Quotes.

Quotes could be picked out of Context when the entire content of the talk should be read.

What I am talking about is CONCLUSIVE SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE even published by the NATURE magazine (quite recently) that it is proven that Consciousness does survive death even so far as upto 5 minutes.

And in an interview with Hawking recently (Ill post the links)…And Hawking admitted that Yes it is true that Consciousness does seem to survive Death. and that he admitted he does not know the whole truth.

this is just perfect

Consciousness is subset of brain


brain is subset of body


body is subset of evolution


evolution is subset of existence

Well I for one don’t have time to worry about that stuff any more…

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When you talk about Time…Time is Limited. It is both Infinite and Finite.

I explained what finite time is and what infinite time is, it’s all in the blog address mentioned above.

‘Nothing’s really yours till you’ve found it by yourself, and given it a meaning of your own.’ Peter Yarrow

Makes no sense to me. Humans with their extreme forms of consciousness & sentient, and not to mention billions of botanical & animal forms of life are all possible, in a nearly self-sustaining matrix somewhere in a mere pocket of the Universe - but a God = impossible?

That’s just BS. It all had to come from somewhere, and the fact that humans & animals and other sentient life-forms are possible is just further proof that something with a form of consciousness preceded or caused this so-called “Big Bang”.

You’re free to argue further, just don’t think you speak for everyone when talking about God or theism. The majority of the world is still comprised of theists, and that projection has remained constant in future generations. Atheism has “risen”, but it will always be a minority populace that disbelieves in God.

It is not a nearly self-sustaining matrix but a self-sustaining matrix. Any Self-Sustaining matrix does not require a God.

I stand corrected from my earlier post. This “Seemingly” perfect Universe is in-fact Imperfect. In a way the reason that the Universe “Is Becoming” is due to this imperfection. The many billions of life-forms and humans and animals are born due to this precise imperfection. The imperfection is the “Becoming” which lifeforms unfortunately crave to.

Big-Bang is an outdated theory and now is widely considered to be a myth created by Creationist scientists. The more widely flown theory nowadays is an ever existing Universe without any beginning and being seemingly unending.

I can’t believe in Karma. I would love too. But thanks to greedy corporations, government systems in place, this world is highly unbalanced.

Most the world is living in starvation. Poverty. No medication available and medical care for them. No water readily available.

What is happening to those people is a direct result of our greed. They are the ones suffering.

Where is the karma.

Companies ban what grows naturally on the earth and then synthesis it in a lab and make millions on profit on it. Don’t even get me started on that.

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believe me what I have suffered over the past 1.5 years and what I may suffer in the coming months, you would probably never suffer in your entire life. But even after that I do believe in Karma and I have reasons for it if you give me the time to discuss.

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