The mind is a universe

This is a perspective that at some point I started to discredit and I can’t really remember why. Probably because of the illness. I lost my ability to just float about in the mind and have all the random images and feelings and transient bs like that I used to have.

It’s starting to come back to me though. I see the intense mystery behind it. The capacities of the imagination and how that reflects the universe as a place of nearly infinite possibilities. If you give any credit to multiple dimensions then boom that’s even more of a mind ■■■■.

But the human being is so much more than a body and personality. The brain does so much more than that. Our senses define the isolate of ourselves inside our self, but it is not the whole self. We are our own universes in a sense.

Sounds like some schizo ■■■■ to me, but that is how I used to feel about it and it makes the experience of being human so rich to me, even when things are bland and boring. I’m glad that feeling is coming back.

I want to go sit under the stars.

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I want to sit there and gaze at you. :heart_eyes:

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That’d be cool. We could have a midnight picnic.

I just wish I could fall asleep right now. Sleep schedule is slipping again.


Ah that’s right. Good image.

I read philosophy similar to stuff like this.

Alan Watts would talk about something like this…even though I don’t think he did.

Disconnect pain receptors.

Replace with little eenie weenie devices that will alert us to being harmed.

Oh yes, no more pain.

Let’s go!