The message I got was that it's a sin to have children

It’s a historical viewpoint, not religious. But telling someone obsessed with sin that it’s real is encouraging delusion.

Now it’s historical?

No, my viewpoint is historical. As in priests created lists of sins to get worshippers to bring in offerings and money as payment to atone for those sins. That’s a historical fact.

Sin itself is religious themed.

I think @chordy meant ‘sin’ as a burden that someone wrongly put on her.

I’m religious, but I’ve heard the word ‘sin’ conveyed in a negative manner that wasn’t religious. For example, a number of people started telling me that it was a ‘sin’ to have children because I have a genetic disorder. Sort of ‘your child should not suffer because of you’ thing. It was so so painful to me…


@Nomad knock it off. This thread is about supporting chordy, not your religious beliefs.

This is a religious belief

Hello @Nomad,
I understand your concern, but I think @chordy wouldn’t want an argument in a thread that she created for support.

Abuse is hard for everyone, and I was abused as well. I’ve been told a lot of things. I sincerely ask you to help @chordy in this thread and withdraw from any discussion of religious issue.

Thank you!


As far as Iam concerned, I’m not going to engage. I will say that we can all approach this from our own view without attacking others. Sin as a theme to make people feel bad is WRONG. Whoever taught that was not nice


Yeah. A guy from my old church’s son got a girl pregnant out of wedlock. I wonder how his parents reacted. I don’t know but people are human and they mess up.

@chordy. Do you have kids? I have a 22 yo daughter and a 9 yo son. I know that my daughter was hurt by my illness.

My dad had Sz when he was young. My dad came from a really screwed up upbringing though.

I never had kids, thank goodness for them. I was too weak to conceive.

if its a sin to have children and everyone realizes that and applies it so that they dont sin than eventually no humans will exist as everyone will get old and die and there would no new people being created

But that’s just what a lot of people think is coming. From the musical “South Pacific”,
“They say the human race is falling on its face
and hasn’t very far to go.”

But if everybody who was messed up didn’t have kids there would be no people in the world

There are a lot of unhappy people who would be glad of that. Those of us who “didn’t ask to be born”.

It’s the oddest thing to me that people think if people dont produce children there won’t be life anymore?

No population?

Well I guess the “creator” isn’t capable of creating after all then?

Doesn’t sound too faithful.

People are thoughtful who don’t have children.

The world is poison for them. And time too.

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